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Wellness from the Tyrolean mountains


In 1886, brothers Johann and Ignaz Unterweger founded Tyrol’s first pine oil distillery; by 1889, they were ready to present their conifer oils at the world exhibition in Barcelona.




Since then, the name Unterweger has been synonymous with quality all over the world; progress has been a company tradition ever since its beginnings. In the 1970s, the first line of care products based on genuine mountain pine oil was developed and marketed under the brand name “Waldmännlein”. The word “wellness” had not yet been coined at that time – however, word quickly got around that the high-quality products from the Tyrolean mountains gave that which we later came to understand as wellness: a feeling of universal well-being...

First Tyrolean pine oil distillery: producing pure natural oils of the highest quality since 1886.


In luck. Nature`s own brand.


Respecting the soil, allowing nature to breathe: reverence for the environment has been an integral part of the company's philosophy ever since the beginning and is still so today. This is fortunate, as our adherence to this principle is evident in the pure quality of all the products now offered as “Marke der Natur” (nature’s own brand) - and of course in the beneficial effect they have on the body and soul!



Pure wellness. Guaranteed quality.


Clean, pure air, a healthy climate: wellness is in the nature of things in the Tyrolean mountains. Everything that grows here simply bursts with energy. Unterweger captures these vital attributes for the benefit of humankind – using innovative production procedures tested in the laboratory by practised experts. For your safety!





"Bergsegen": the benefit of mountain pine oil


Revitalising, refreshing, regenerating - the mountain pine is known locally as the “mountain blessing”, and this is exactly what it is. It is warmly recommended for lovers of exercise and the outdoors -  provided the manufacturer follows the laws of nature! What is important is how he observes the cycles of nature, from plucking the twigs to bottling the oils. If you leave the creative force of nature in its place, you will draw the maximum benefit from it – this is the secret. Guaranteed!